Bones Show Companion App Update Released

The Apple App Store released an update to the Bones Show Companion App on Valentine’s Day in advance of this Thursday’s new episode. Those who downloaded the initial app last week will need to install the update. The description in the app store says this version 1.2 fixes “the Episode distribution method” and “a bug which prevented opening an episode after installing when the user waited too long to click Start.”

I only had a few minutes to try it out last night and while it started okay, some of the problems seen last week have not yet been addressed. I still saw the same sort of errors after canceling a Facebook post and in the date on the Connect posts from users. Also, on the Translator screen, the app crashed and closed when I clicked on the Facebook Connect button to log in. When I restarted the app, the Facebook Connect button had changed to a logout button. The app worked okay after that, but it looks like another update should be forthcoming.

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