Experian, Domino’s Pizza seek iTV skills

If you want to know what a company is planning, check their job postings.

Experian Marketing Services has two U.S. openings with its Digital Advertising Services (DAS) team.  According to their site, “This team is an internal startup made up of talent from Marketing Services, Interactive and Technology in pre-launch phase, poised to go to market. This team is positioned well to become the ‘go to’ resource for advertisers in all things digital (online, mobile and interactive TV.)”

Roles include a Director, Digital Advertising and Media Services and a Sr. Manager Digital Media and Advertising.

They give it a pretty good sell: “If you are planning on a long term career in digital media and if you enjoy working with and building a team of top-end high achievers, your future is here.”

The postings don’t provide details on how much of the focus is on iTV versus other digital platforms.

A bit of trivia: Experian’s President and COO is Chris Callero, the former COO of iTV company Wink Communications.

Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza is also showing iTV interest in a U.S. posting for a Web Developer/eCommerce Application Development Specialist.  The focus of the posting is mostly about Web-related technology, but these skills are easily ported to many iTV-related projects thanks to emerging standards such as HTML5.  Also, way down in the bottom of the qualifications is, “Interest or experience in developing widgets for Interactive TV.”   I can’t seem to link directly to the posting, but you can find it by going here and searching for job number “O-WD” (that’s the letter “O”, so yes, there are no numbers in that job number.)

Domino’s has worked with iTV for years in the U.S. and abroad, but an article in this month’s QSR Magazine (as in Quick Service Restaurants) says “the experimentation stalled after the individual in charge left the company.” My TiVo used to have a Domino’s ordering option,  but that seems to have quietly disappeared.  I never actually completed an order through it because you could only pay with cash (and who keeps that on hand anymore?).

If it doesn’t exist already, perhaps someone with more free time than I have would want to keep an iTV job index to track the number of related postings.  I think I saw charts like that in the Industry Standard during the first dot com boom.  It’s a good indicator of industry growth and buzz.

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