Nickelodeon Co-Viewing App Rolls Out Orange Carpet

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2011 Live Now ScreenNickelodeon rolled out the orange carpet for connected kids with an updated Kids’ Choice Awards co-viewing app.  My tryout during Saturday’s show was limited to a few minutes because:

1)  I was camping and used a wi-fi connection at the Fall Creek Falls State Park lodge during a dinner stop, and

2) The pre-teens in our group ran away with my iPhone as soon as they saw what I was doing.

Once I tracked down the gang of hooligans and retrieved my iPhone, I found out they liked the app.  The ones who tried the app last year said the backstage camera quality was much better this time because the video stream looked blue in 2010.

The app provided a full experience before, during and after the awards show.  It received a lot less media attention than ABC’s Oscar Backstage Pass, but was every bit as ambitious in its own way.  It was also free instead of 99 cents like the Oscar app.

If the pre-teens hadn’t run away with my phone, I might have been able to experience all the features listed on the app’s iTunes page:

  • Live video feed from the Orange Carpet
  • Live backstage video
  • Preshow and post show video highlights
  • Tons of photos before and after the show
  • Live new alerts
  • Live polls
  • Play along with the online audience & predict the winners
  • Live voting during the show

I did get to try the app for a bit before and during the live show.  First, I noticed the user experience when apps like this transition from pre-show to live show still seems unpredictable. As a user, it’s often unclear whether the app will magically update at show time to reveal live content or whether I will need to exit and restart.

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards shows room for other channelsNicelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2011 Signing Autographs BackstageWhen the on-air show started, the app’s big feature was the live backstage camera feed.  There was only one stream, but it switched often between multiple cameras with a text label on screen identifying the location.   While you could not choose which camera to watch as with ABC’s Oscar app, I did see an interface that looked built to support other choices.  Video quality was good once the stream locked in with no buffering issues.

Nickelodeon did a good job controlling the cameras, at least some of which were robotic, to pan and zoom for interesting sights.  That helped give the illusion there were even more cameras than actually used.  I saw iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove backstage talking with people and others getting drinks at the bar refreshment stand. I only saw them handing out bottled water.

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