Hi, I’m an interactive media guy.

I oversee product management across a broad digital area for things like interactive TV, connected TV, convergent mobile apps (iPad & iPhone, Android soon) and R&D at Scripps Networks Interactive. You may not know the company name, but the brands are household names: HGTV, Food Network,Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, DIY Network and GAC TV.

We engage targeted consumers and turn our clients’ digital dreams into reality. We listen to the market, our users and our staff to develop strategy, find opportunities, define products, build/buy them and launch.

I enjoy leading teams to build great products for large consumer-facing and advertising-supported digital initiatives. Every day is different. Each day I might need to be a manager, troubleshooter, deal maker, analyst, negotiator, marketing technologist, consultant, or dreamer.

My approach is from the content and business perspective. I’ve also developed deep technical knowledge along the way. I am driven by curiosity, the excitement of creating and improving, and the desire to take care of clients and users.

My specialty is bridging the gap between content, business and technology teams in media to bring them in balance and turn plans into action. I translate geek to English and serve as a walking Swiss army knife identifying opportunities for what’s next in the new media universe. I started off in the fast-paced world of TV news and soon shifted to hands-on operation and management of new media.

My philosophy in brief:

  • Know your target market before you build
  • If you can’t measure it for the client, it probably doesn’t count
  • It may work on your computer, but make sure it will work in the real world
  • Be sure we’re all operating from common definitions and speaking the same language
  • If we’re going to build something, plan how you will sustain or end it
  • Implement processes to achieve a goal, not for the sake of process itself
  • Hire the best and brightest because you can’t be the only expert on everything
  • Reach your goal and have fun along the way

I love using both sides of the brain to evaluate opportunities and take an idea from strategic planning to execution.

Professional resume

Case study from Scripps Networks Chairman’s Award: Applying traditional process improvements to virtual world

Belo Interactive Virtuoso Award Video