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Eight Predictable Events That Will Change Your World

It would be great to travel back in time and reap a fortune by applying knowledge of future events.  Lacking that, I think there are some things that are shockingly predictable and the only question is when they will happen.  If you knew the future, what would you do? Could you capitalize on it? Could [...]

PowerPoint Deck for Online Ad Presentation 2010

I’ll be speaking at Dr. Mark Moon’s 2nd-year MBA class today. Click through for the link to the PowerPoint deck.

Relaunch of

I just finished a quick turnaround project for my friends at Challenge Accepted, an organization that “helps individuals with disabilities to live hopeful and successful lives without barriers.” This was a relaunch of their existing site to make it easy for the organizers to update. I also replaced their non-SEO navigation and added analytics capability so they can measure site traffic.