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Review: CBS Targets iPad for Fall Preview App

I stumbled upon an interesting iPad application last week, the CBS Fall Preview app. I say “stumbled” because I have not seen any promotion for it, but happened across it while searching for a “Survivor” show app — something apparently only available on Sprint for the HTC Evo phone. It was also mentioned on ITVT. [...]

Masters App: iPhone vs. iPad, Free vs. Paid Match Play

The Masters Tournament offered two versions of video-rich apps to go with this year’s golf tournament.  Which scored the best value for users? Read on. The Masters Tournament app was available as a free version for the iPhone/iPod Touch and a $1.99 version for the iPad. The user expectations go up dramatically in my book [...]

How a TV Show Spreads News Through Social Media

The CBS show “How I Met Your Mother” announced a new mobile site using social media yesterday. Thanks to their use of a bit.ly URL, it is possible for anyone to see whether Facebook or Twitter is driving more traffic and how many of the clicks are coming from the U.S. compared to other countries.