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IntoNow Flaw Revealed User E-mail Addresses

IntoNow has fixed a flaw that revealed user e-mail addresses in data sent between their servers and iPhone app. The IntoNow app is like Shazam meets TV meets Foursquare.  Launched two months ago to much press coverage, the app identifies audio of TV programs you watch to check-in or “tag” a show.  This tells other [...]

Narrow Rules Limit Jersey Shore iTV Contest

Is Jersey Shore the future of interactive TV?  Snooki could be the face of the TV of tomorrow and The Situation its abs, but narrow contest rules will keep tagging from replacing tanning in their gym and laundry routine for now. MTV and IntoNow are running a contest for viewers who “live tag” the show’s [...]

How a TV Show Spreads News Through Social Media

The CBS show “How I Met Your Mother” announced a new mobile site using social media yesterday. Thanks to their use of a bit.ly URL, it is possible for anyone to see whether Facebook or Twitter is driving more traffic and how many of the clicks are coming from the U.S. compared to other countries.

Heavy Social Use in 3rd Grey’s Anatomy iPad Sync App Episode

The third episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy enabled with Media-Sync for iPad increased the use of social media with more opportunities to comment, check in and interact. The producers appear to be tweaking the content feed and timing. The synchronized content feed worked well, but there were some oddities in the non-synchronized photo and video galleries served from the Web.

Changes for 2nd Bones iPad App-Enabled Episode

This week’s experience with the Bones Show Companion iPad app from FOX was much improved for its second interactive episode. The app update earlier in the week improved the loading process.

New Grey’s Anatomy iPad Sync App Features in Second Episode

I finally had a chance to try the second Media-Sync enabled episode with ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy iPad app four nights after it aired on 2/10/2011. I was not expecting any new features without an app update since last week’s premiere, but there were some pleasant surprises in the synchronized content feed.

Bones Show Companion App Update Released

The Apple App Store released an update to the Bones Show Companion App on Valentine’s Day in advance of this Thursday’s new episode. The app now loads better and gets the right episode content, but some of the problems from last week’s debut remain.

Bones Show Companion iPad App Review

The Bones Show Companion iPad app had some problems for my first test drive from the couch. Unlike ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy app unveiled last week, the Bones app does not use audio watermarking or any special technology to delivery synchronized content. Instead, the user taps a “play” button in the app at the start of [...]

Grey’s Anatomy Sync iPad App Review and Analysis

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Media-Sync iPad app had a nice debut with an tightly-integrated two-screen experience. Go in-depth for a test drive and analysis.